Metal Heat Treating Services

At Southwest Specialty Heat Treat, Inc., we specialize in delivering top-tier metal heat treating services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and years of industry experience set us apart in providing a diverse range of services, including:

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Annealing Expertise

Our team, equipped with advanced technology, excels in annealing various metal types. By heating and slowly cooling metals, we optimize ductility and ensure superior results for our clients.

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Normalizing for Enhanced Properties

In the realm of normalizing, Southwest Specialty Heat Treat, Inc. goes beyond, refining metal grain structures. This process improves mechanical properties and dimensional stability, ensuring optimal performance.

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Quenching Mastery

Quenching is a critical step in our metal-treating process. With rapid cooling, we achieve the desired hardness and strength, making metals suitable for diverse applications in industries such as Off-Road Equipment, Mining, and Tooling.

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Tempering for Durability

Understanding the vital role of tempering post-quenching, we carefully balance hardness and toughness. This meticulous process ensures durable metals capable of withstanding the demands of various applications.

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Specialized Treatments

Beyond traditional methods, Southwest Specialty Heat Treat, Inc. specializes in stress relieving, solution treating, and flame hardening. These techniques address internal stresses, achieve desired metal structures, and selectively harden specific areas, respectively.

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Industry Focus

Our expertise caters to the following industries:

  • Off-Road Equipment: Delivering heat-treated solutions for robust performance.
  • Mining: Enhancing the durability and strength of metals in mining applications.
  • Tooling: Precision machining treatments for tools that meet the demands of diverse industries.